Out of Memory PHP Apache WHM and VPS

This is a quick blog post about something that took me a while to find the solution for. I was creating an upload script for a customers site and running it on my virtual server. While I was uploading I got an error “Out of Memory”, I checked my limits and I had 256MB at […]

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Australia Post API with PHP

This is a quick post to show people how to use the Australia Post API with PHP, I had a hard time getting this working as the documentation is good but very verbose and there are not too many examples for PHP out there. Anyway its fairly simple once you know how. Requirements PHP Curl […]

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Yii with the Filemaker API

This is my first entry in my blog and I wish to start by sharing some code I wrote recently whilst integrating the Filemaker API into Yii. I started by looking in the Extensions section of the Yii main website to see if I could find anything that someone else had written but without success. I […]

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