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I was hired by Graphic Litho to do the following:

  • Build an online ordering system with four levels of controls. Owner, Client, Admin and User.
  • Restrict specific clients to specific products and their associated admins and users.
  • Create ability for clients to create branches, add specific products to that branch and allocate the client's associated users to that branch.
  • Create the shopping cart and checkout sections.
  • Create the custom layout in HTML,CSS.
  • Restrict login to customers only.
  • Set up admin sections for each level of control to modify and view data.
  • Created ability to create dynamic customizations for each product.
  • Created annual reports on sales for owner and previous product sales for clients and users
  • Added custom shipping for Australia Post Delivery

This is a private site so access is restricted however I can arrange a restricted tour on my server if needed.

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