Sewing Craft is a wholesaler of sewing and craft products.


I was hired by SSS Pty Ltd to do the following:

  • complete the programming side of the website.
  • create an administration section for upload of website icons,search statistics, adding of new promotions, mailer and clearance items.
  • create a mailer, download and clearance section for the front end.
  • fix a number of existing bugs on the website.
  • integrate a WordPress blog.
  • rebuild the existing shopping cart system.
  • create a product searching system.
  • create a color picking area to narrow down the results in the search section.
  • create all login, contact us and other forms.
  • add a favourites sections to keep track of previously purchased products for easy purchasing.
  • create a order tracking system for customers to track items they have purchased.
  • setup a C# program to import barcodes from a scanning device and add to shopping cart on website.
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